Arthritis Treatment for Pain Relief and Recovery

Arthritis progresses over time and causes stiffness and inflammation. The joint gets weaker and may also become deformed. As friction becomes greater on the surfaces of the bone, the pain can escalate. Dr. Dennis Chang, Dr. Mark Hammerberg and our team at Denver Center for Joint Replacement are dedicated to treating your condition, reducing your pain and providing the best possible solutions for your long-term health.

For arthritis in the early stages, we use the appropriate anti-inflammatories combined with substantial physical therapy to retain as much joint strength as possible, while optimizing stability, flexibility and mobility. We’re dedicated to helping you enjoy as much of your usual activity as possible, with less pain.

Personalized Arthritis Treatment Plans

Because arthritis is a progressive condition that can get worse over time, more aggressive measures may become required. We’ll only consider total joint replacement if a patient has been treated over a long period of time, but their condition continues to decline.

The goal of joint replacement surgery is to replace those arthritic surfaces with new ones, effectively installing an entirely new prosthetic joint. Our orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Chang and Dr. Hammerberg, uses the latest techniques, advanced equipment and state-of-the-art facilities to provide you with treatment from diagnosis through recovery.

If you’re interesting in learning more about the arthritis treatment offered at Denver Center for Joint Replacement, call us today at (720) 754-4410.